Cassie gets unwavering support after video of Diddy giving her a savage beating goes viral...

CNN published a very shocking video yesterday. The video, which went viral, shows Diddy savagely beating his ex-girlfriend Cassie in a hotel corridor back in 2016.  Diddy, a man once known as the "King of parties," deserves everything he gets and so much more. Honestly, it TRULY has to be over for him now.  No one wants the association for fear of backlash. And the nerve of him to vehemently deny even laying hands on her when she filed that lawsuit. We will not be posting the video here as it is very triggering, but prayers and healing goes out to Cassie and all the other victims of domestic abuse.

LA DA OFFICE released a statement regarding the disturbing video. Statute of limitations does not allow them to pursue this.

Cassie's husband, Alex Fine, is speaking out following the video appearing online.