Sunday, 2 November 2014

This is what 'Beyoncé – Volume 2' supposedly looks like...

Following in the footsteps of a Justin Timberlake type sequel/re-release, Beyoncé is reportedly dropping 'Beyoncé – Volume 2' and 'Beyoncé – The Complete Edition.'

This would serve as  the sequel to last December’s record-breaking, self-titled album. It goes without notice that the digital release date on iTunes is Friday, November 14th.

Plus, the physical album (a 4-disc set) is set to drop on Monday, November 25th. This alone screams suspect as November 25th is actually a Tuesday. Some of the details do appear genuine. Several of these songs were actually registered on song publishing association ASCAP a few weeks ago.

'DONK' (featuring Nicki Minaj), was registered, as was 'Cherry' (featuring Rihanna). Bey and Rihanna on the same song though? Sounds a little too good to be true, so I won't believe any of it until it's made official. However, the actual song itself does exist. She also allegedly has a collaboration with Justin Timberlake called 'Renouncement.' JT worked on two songs for the original 'BEYONCÉ' release. Beyoncé’s entertainment company Parkwood Entertainment will be looking to fire someone if these leaked details turn out to be true, but if it is, I'm absolutely here for it.

Here is the rumoured tracklist for 'BEYONCÉ: Volume 2':

Sweet Illusion
DONK, featuring Nicki Minaj
Good in Good Bye
Renouncement, featuring Justin Timberlake
Sensation of Pain
Cherry, featuring Rihanna
Flawless (Remix), featuring Nicki Minaj