Is she nuts? Mariah Carey hires Jermaine Dupri as manager...

Does Mariah Carey even care about her career any more? Unfortunately not. Because she's just hired Jermaine Dupri as her manager after parting ways with Randy Jackson and Red Light Management. Boo hoo. 

Over the years, JD has had trouble managing his own career so I can't see what he can do for MC prior to this very messy era. It's admirable she wants to keep friends on her payroll but when it comes to her career, charity will get her NOWHERE.

More of my two pence below.

Can anyone even name an artist that JD successfully managed in recent times? If Kriss Kross is the last artist, then we have a serious problem. I guess it's all but guaranteed the next lead single will be produced by him too, which doesn't bode well either. JD has been creatively dry for over half a decade now. Plus, he will never be able to duplicate the success of 2005's 'The Emancipation of Mimi'. We've seen him struggle to do so with his relentless recycling and unoriginality. October is here and sadly, there's little chance we'll be getting anything anytime soon.