Male model describes uncut version of 'Work Bitch' video...

The days of Robotney Spears seems to be well and truly over. Because somebody is taking back control of their career. Earlier this week, Britney clarified that she had scenes cut out from her 'Work Bitch' video to make it PG. 

Male model Richie Nuzzolese, who is seen shirtless in the clip, recalls what the uncut video would have looked like without the censorship.

Deets below.

Apparently, she didn't want to do anything too x-rated that would cloud her image as a mother, which I find very impressive and responsible. I can't fault her decision. Nobody wants to remain an industry puppet forever when they have long established themselves. Speaking to RumorFix exclusively, 23-year-old Nuzzolese says the models were told to be “more dynamic” and “more aggressive.” As a result, his scenes became very sexual.
“I had these two girls around me. I was pulling one girl’s hair and going up her leg. Another one was pulling my hair from the back,” Richie says. He was also “aggressively groping,” and staring seductively into a girl’s eyes and their lips almost connected. It was like an orgy without the sex. The model says most of those R-rated scenes were cut out of the video. He says Britney was a professional. “She was definitely in role — even though she’s a mom and everything, she turned on sexy,” he adds. Source.