Video Premiere: Britney's lack of energy really shows in 'Work Bitch' video...

Of course Britney Spears looks a-ma-zing  in her new music video for 'Work Bitch'.

But don't expect to see the results of someone "dancing their ass off", as Britney herself implied.

The Ben Mor-directed clip shows minimal choreography and random S&M scenes, which don't match the song whatsoever. The desert scene looked good in previews but didn't really amount to anything.

Visuals inside.

It is really pitiful that her music has sunk this low at this point in her career and she can't even compensate it with an epic music video. Any blonde pop singer could have done this, which could not have been said back in the day. I am glad tickets for her Vegas residency is selling well because it means people will see her regardless but sadly, this is a teaser of what fans will get with their hard earned cash. 

Britney's new album drops on December 3rd.