Video Premiere: Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' video is the epitome of laziness...

This has to be Rihanna's worst video EVER.

The visuals to 'Pour It Up' is low budget, lazy and stank. And it could have been a really dope video, if it had some vision to it.

Now it's easy to see why the director didn't want to be associated with the clip (hence the delay). Yeah, yeah, I get that this is a strip club, booty poppin' song, but as a woman, I just couldn't co-sign it.

Watch the sordid visuals below. 

Where was this shot anyway? A bloody sewer? Ri's body looks hot by the way. I'll give her that. Does anyone think it will be weird that we won't get a new Rihanna album this year? I suppose she wants to continue milking the 'Unapologetic' era, which is good given that other albums were deserving of a longer run.