New Music: Beyoncé – ‘God Made You Beautiful’ [FULL SONG]...

A new Beyoncé song is making its rounds across the net called 'God Made You Beautiful'. It's something stans will have to settle for, because that new album won't be dropping any time soon. Not until next year anyway.
[Beyoncé at the OKC-Clippers game last night]

The drum-laced ballad has Bey gushing about her daughter Blue Ivy and the joy the little girl has brought into her life. It's a cute song but not the type of Beyoncé tune that brings out the usual excitement. We really need that feisty contemporary R&B from Beyoncé. On November 25th, she will release her documentary 'Life Is But A Dream' on a two-disc DVD set. It will feature a live concert film, as well as a download of the new song. Listen to it inside.