'Beyoncé' sells 430K copies in one day + estimated to sell over 600K overall...

Holy Moly! In just one day, Beyoncé has sold 430K copies of her new self-titled visual album. And that is without any promo or acknowledgement of the project even existing! An indicator of how well the album would sell stems from the fact that the iTunes exclusive sold 80K copies in just 3 hours of release.
An additional 350K copies was sold on Friday, and HDD confirms that the album has already sold over 500K downloads in 48 hours. When the sales week ends on Sunday evening, it is estimated that the album may very well surpass 600K copies making this the biggest opening numbers of her entire career.

This undoubtedly an amazing feat that was all achieved when she only had three days and three hours as opposed to a full sales week. Her first week sales craps on every major pop chick that released an album this year. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus all sold in the 250K-275K bracket during a full sales week. Those projects also came with an aggressive promotional campaign beforehand. Britney Spears on the other hand, could only manage 110K. 

At this rate, Beyoncé is set to have the fastest selling digital album and highest first week digital sales in the US. It is also set to ring in the strongest first week sales secured by a female artist since Taylor Swift's ‘Red’, which scanned 1.2 million units in November, 2012. The album is currently number one on iTunes in 106 countries. 
Slay, bitch.