Watch: Ms. Scherzinger & Sam Bailey perform ‘And I Am Telling You’ on UK's ‘X Factor’...

This performance tonight only served to remind me why Nicole Scherzinger should have been a bigger solo star. With the shit music she puts out, you almost forget that she can SANG her ass off.
What you see here is an extraordinary sing-off between Nicole and Sharon Osbourne's contestant Sam Bailey. Of course Nicole had to hog the spotlight for dear life, depriving poor Sam of her moment! It also needs to be stressed that I would not want to see fetus-faced Nicholas or frumpy mummy Sam open up for Beyoncé during her UK shows next February. I want to know which member of her team hatched up this ridiculous idea to have the winner serve as the UK support act? Seriously?!?! Neither act is a right fit for a Beyoncé concert, period.