Fresh Looks: Beyoncé debuts new outfits at 'Vegas' tour stop...

This custom Emilio Pucci jumpsuit (Spring 2014) sees Beyoncé bring casual to her set last night. Unfortunately, this was not even the worst out of the ones she debuted over the weekend.
 Take a look inside and weigh in!
I do like the new 'Single Ladies' outfit, courtesy of David Koma.
Caged boots are hot.

Eh? No bueno to this. It looks like she's channelling preppy high school chick during the 80s with a splash of retro Vegas glam.
It might have been exclusive for the Vegas stop of her 'Mrs. Carter Show' world tour but at this point, no can do. The colour is pretty though.
Most people that lose serious weight tend to up their style but I haven't been seeing it with Beyoncé. I'm not just talking tour outfits, but outfits in general when we see her out and about. She wears expensive clothes but they don't always look good. I guess having a sharp sense of style is the least of her concerns when she has become the most nominated artist (alongside Dolly Parton) in Grammy history. So for that, good for her.