Watch: Lady Gaga performs at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball...

Remember there was a time when an upcoming Lady Gaga performance use to bring on immense anticipation and hype? The eccentric outfits and outlandish shenanigans use to intrigue people, but now folks are just plain bored of it. Bored shitless out of their minds. Dusted. OVER IT. And quite frankly, so am I.

There's only so many times you can rehash the same tricks before folks move on to a more direct artist. An artist that's not about the gimmicks and tomfoolery. That much can be said through her slow album sales. But no one can say Gaga doesn't promote her albums. She's been everywhere as of late doing the most with plugging 'ARTPOP'. In fact, Gaga bedazzled 20,000 concertgoers with her lime green wig while performing at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball in London last night. New music and old music was performed at the O2 Arena. Peep all the action below.
Jingle Bells:


Do What U Want:

Poker Face: