Snapshot: Jennifer Hudson covers Essence magazine [January 2014]...

So, this isn't one of my favourite covers from Jennifer Hudson but at least she looks radiant. I just wished she brought a little sexy with it as opposed to looking like she had to kill the cookie monster.
In a nutshell, it's just... boring. No, I'm not implying she should pose in a bikini. But with a subheading like, 'I know who I am and I got this', and then seeing her so overdressed is a tad bit disappointing. Challenges in playing iconic figures such as Winnie Mandela and why her next album will be her most expressive yet are few of the subjects she touches on in the accompanying interview (click here to read excerpts). And just so you know, if she wants to remain engaged to David Otunga for the next hundred years, while being happy and carefree, so be it. Jennifer will marry her Prince Charming when she's good and ready and to that I say, you tell 'em girl! Her cover story was made available at newsstands in its entirety today so be sure to pick it up.