Snapshot: Newly Vegan Beyoncé rocks FOX FUR at Native Foods eatery in Cali [Dec. 5th]...

Oh dear. Looks like someone left their butt pads at home. And since Beyoncé has joined husband Jay Z on his “22 Days Challenge” in being a vegan, does she really need to lose any more weight? Damn. This 22 day vegan trial is one smart PR move that screams paid endorsement deal to me. I mean, what was the purpose of Jay Z making the announcement on his Life+Times website?
Most people wanting "a spiritual and physical cleanse" just get on with it. But anything to detract from the Barney's collection controversy is a pretty damn good PR move in my book. Beyoncé has already been instagramming her meals and she's been papped on more than one occasion entering a vegetarian eatery. Showing up at these vegan restaurants only for the paps to mysteriously appear looks suspect as hell. Is this going to be a daily occurrence? Since when do paps hang out at vegan restaurants? One last word of advice for Bey. If she wants to be taken seriously with this vegan challenge, how about not wearing sheep wool for hair, a fox fur-laced jacket and leather pants, for starters?

FYI: Beyoncé is wearing a $4,700 Christopher Kane wool-blend parka with a collar made of real fox fur.