Sunday, 8 December 2013

Cows Delight: Beyoncé enters Crossroads vegan restaurant in LA [Dec 6th]...

As suspected, Beyoncé gets "caught" by the paparazzi at yet another vegan hot spot in so many days. Can you see a pattern starting to form here? Yes, I'm definitely now convinced more than ever that she and Jay Z have been cut a cheque to frequently publicize this ‘plant-based diet’. Call it a hunch.
Despite animal right activists throwing daggers her way, Bey is not shying away from her love of wearing dead animals during the 22 day challenge. I'm actually starting to think this is being done deliberately just to give their endorsement deal diet further attention. In her defense, neither of them said they were embarking on Veganism which involves abstaining from using and eating animal products. This time, she rocks a cow print calf hair sweater with leather sleeves and leather pants. I love the $385 patent leather Kurt Geiger Britton Pumps. Very 'Crazy In Love' I gotta admit.