Pretty Girl Rock: Keri Hilson celebrates 31st birthday in Atlanta...

"Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful."
Miss Keri Baby celebrated her 31st birthday in style this week. I am loving these box braids on her. She looks absolutely stunning. Somebody could certainly do with finding her a lint roller though. Her maroon top is a little too fur happy. The make-up is on point but I'm undecided about the outfit. My preference would have been longer ankle pants or a pencil skirt but she actually has the body and legs to rock shorts so why not?! Hopefully, she doesn't remain a milk carton singer for long. I'm sure Beyoncé fans will never forgive her but they really need to move on from it. I'm just waiting, waiting, WAITING on that new album. No one can tell me she doesn't have some jams. 

More pics at the source.