Watch: Beyoncé teases green screen visuals for 'Grown Woman'...

I honestly don't know what the hell is being done with that $50 million dollar Pepsi sponsorship. One thing I do know is that it certainly didn't go into the low budget visuals for 'Grown Woman'. Sorry Beyoncé, even though you look amazing with dark hair, this teaser  just wasn't worth releasing.
A green screen visual featuring a cameo from her mother Tina and band mate Kelly Rowland comes too little too late I'm afraid. The song is still hot to my ears as I still live for those African beats. However, I just don't care to see a dated music video that appears to be a blatant hybrid of Rihanna's 'Rude Boy' and M.I.A's 'Boyz'. She should have struck while the iron was still hot. And if this is the quality she is serving up for the new era, then she should just continue with her musical hibernation.