Watch: Lady Gaga performs on Chatty Man, straddles R. Kelly on 'Do What U Want' set...

Director Terry Richardson offers a first look from the video set of 'Do What U Want' where Gaga is all bikini and no wig. R. Kelly may be hung like a black stallion, but he's no horse. However, on a routinely basis, Gaga just can't stop straddling him.
The over-flood of raunch does go hand in hand with the record but we've seen quite enough of it in her AMAs and SNL performances. That is why it was so refreshing to see piano Gaga and her fibre optic wig perform a stripped back version of the song (as well as 'Dope') on Chatty Man last night. It goes to show she doesn't always need R. Kelly at her beck and call and it positively shows off her artistic dimension as well. The iPad dress or her homage to the Teletubbies is so typical Gaga, but the marimba/xylophone in that performance was such a welcoming addition.

DOPE (Performance):

Do What U Want (Performance):

Interview (Part 1):

Interview (Part 2):