Watch: Mel B performs new single on 'Today'...

Well, look at Spice Girl Mel B trying to resurrect her defunct solo career. Why she didn't have one besides being a bikini model, a talent show judge and of course Eddie Murphy's baby mama is all too clear to see now.
Earlier today, Mel appeared on The Today Show to perform her lame-o new single 'For Once In My Life', and it was Mel is not a great singer so I remain baffled as to why she is still pursuing a music career. She's one of those artists that needs her accompanying band because without them she comes up short. Sadly, any hopes of a reunion have now been dashed as Victoria Beckham has just announced she is done with music... FOR GOOD! Mel looks good for someone approaching 40. A body like that is one most chicks half her age can only dream of. I just don't like that hair colour on her. It's not meshing very well with her skin tone. She needs to go back to au natural and be that fierce bitch again.