Beyoncé endorses Charlize Glass...

For the past few weeks, a YouTube video of 12-year-old Charlize Glass slaying the hell out of a dance routine to Beyoncé's new song 'Yonce' went semi viral. Well, it's about to explode to even bigger heights because today, Beyoncé herself has just rewarded young Charlize with appraised acknowledgement on Instagram.

Let me introduce you. The California native who has been dancing since 2-years-old has appeared on 'Ellen', danced for Justin Beiber, Ciara, and her dance troupe 8 Flavahz, and was a runner-up on 'America’s Next Best Dance Crew'. She was also a part of Willow Smith’s dance crew for 'Whip My Hair'. You really need to watch the video below if you haven't already. This chick did THAT! What I find more hilarious is the choreographer Jose Hollywood now requesting credit (in the videos comments section) now that Beyoncé has diverted major attention to the clip. Don't be surprised if, in the forseeable future, we see Charlize appear on tour with Bey performing this very routine!