Is Lady Gaga having a breakdown?

Last year, it was reported that Interscope had spent $25 million dollars to promote Lady Gaga's new album 'ARTPOP', which has already netted itself the nickname 'ARTFLOP' due to its underwhelming success. With news that she was on track to lose $25 million for her label came reports that people were about to be laid off as a result. I guess those reports of Gaga's downward spiral have really gotten to her.

Apparently, she now denies rumour of the "25 million dollars deficit" and also states that Interscope have actually been very supportive. Her issue seems to be with close friends, including those who have worked for her. Those that have betrayed her trust and only caring about the materialistic things she can give when times are good, then disappearing when she's at her lowest ebb. We've seen her fall-outs with Laurieann Gibson, her assistant, ex best friend Perez Hilton, and now the drama with her ex manager Troy Carter.

While replying to a concerned fan over on her site, she writes:

"My heart breaks from the people I have trusted and loved who I've worked so closely with, who have used me, lied to me, worked me into the ground for the personal gain. When I woke up in the hospital after my surgery there were many people that were not there. My health did not matter. I did not matter unless I could perform. This is a very hard lesson. I have lost love ones to the greed of money. It is not Interscope. They in fact love me very much and will see ARTPOP to the end."

It has already been established well enough that the music industry is a very dark place. It is what contributed to Michael Jackson's tragic demise and caused the epic meltdown of Britney Spears. If you recall, MJ only wanted to do 10 concerts at London's O2 but because of the overwhelming response, AEG got greedy and added a slew of shows he would not have been able to do. Then if you watched Britney's MTV documentary 'For The Record', she recalls people around her not having her best interests at heart. Some people end up selling their souls. Record labels, concert promoters and managers are not there to be your friends. The intention is for you to work your ass off so that they can get their cut. That's how it works. They invest a significant amount into you so that they can recoup it back and then some. There is NO FRIENDSHIP in this kind of cut throat business and when a potential pop star enters the arena with that mindset, the disappointment at the end of it won't be so heavy.