Beyoncé the feminist writes an essay for 'The Shriver Report'...

The new Shriver Report featuring Beyoncé’s essay ‘Gender Equality Is A Myth!’ has now become available on Amazon. In her new song '***Flawless', the pop diva quotes Adichie's definition of a feminist as "a person who believes in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes". She further expands her feminist muscle by writing this latest piece.
Even if she didn't write it, and despite Wendy Williams claiming she sounds like an uneducated fifth grader, at least she is using her star power to put out a very important message. She is also helping to spread awareness to the younger generation. I think it's great she's embracing feminism and realising the inequality between the sexes, but can we really call this an essay? You can download it for free until January 15th by clicking here. Or alternatively, you can read it below.