So basically, Marvin Humes' new job is to introduce ALL the black contestants...

Since disbanding from pop boyband JLS last year, Marvin Humes became the first member to snag himself a brand new job. His first big assignment was to co-host on UK's 'The Voice', which airs Saturday nights on BBC One. He is not new to the presenting game. On a part time basis, he serves as a DJ on Capital FM, and has had hosting jobs on 'Surprise Surprise' and 'This Morning'. Therefore, I'd say that is a smart move building up a nice little resume for himself.

Unless you're the lead singer, you don't hear from the other members again. They disappear into oblivion, the money dries up, they sign on the dole and then years later you find them on shows like 'Celebrity Big Brother', and 'The Big Reunion'. In deed, Marvin is to be applauded for securing his millions by keeping himself out there. Last night, the first episode of The Bore Voice was broadcast and half way through it, I wanted to go to sleep. It didn't pass me that the six-year-old daughter of a female contestant could put Marvin out of a job due to oozing more personality. Neither did it pass me that Marvin was the only one appointed to interview ALL the black and overweight contestants, while Emma Willis got to interview all the young white acts. Yeah, the BBC gets a massive side eye for that one.

I'm still undecided as to whether he is the right man for the job and feel like he should have been in the red chairs himself, seeing as though he's been there and knows what it feels like (example: Cheryl Cole doing 'The X Factor'). I could not help myself laughing at him as he FORCEFULLY willed on the coaches (, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson) to press their buttons and sucking up to their families when deep in his heart he knew the contestants didn't really have the package, the look or the star power to become successful recording artists. Honestly? I really couldn't do it. However, it's only been one episode so you never know. There's still time for him to win me over, should I choose to continue my viewership.