Beyoncé hosts lavish Masquerade birthday bash for mama Tina!

Last night, Beyoncé and her sister Solange hosted a 60th birthday party for their mother Tina Knowles. The sisters shut down Creole restaurant Muriel’s Jackson Square in New Orleans’ French Quarter to host the star-studded bash which reportedly cost over $100,000. Guests were required to dress formally and wear masks! Who attended? Find out inside!

Angela Beyincé, Beyoncé and Monica:

Beyoncé and guest:

Jennifer Hudson, Mama Tina, Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé smile for the cameras:

Beyoncé, mama Tina, Jennifer Hudson, Kris Jenner, Gayle King, Kelly Rowland, Solange and her man Alan Ferguson are all pictured below:

Kelly Rowland, mama Tina and Monica:

Beyoncé pictured with Jay Z:

Jennifer Hudson, Kris Jenner and Jay Z are all pictured below. Monica is pictured in both pics. On the right, she stands next to her husband Shannon Brown:

Beyoncé's cousin Angela Beyincé strolls along with Solange's son Julez, while Bey hangs out with Jennifer Hudson and guest:

Meanwhile, Mama Tina, arrived in a horse-drawn carriage alongside her man, actor Richard Lawson.