Bruno Mars promotes his halftime Super Bowl performance at press conference...

It's been argued that entry requirements to perform at the Super Bowl have been downgraded just so that newer artists can perform there. Who knows? Miley Cyrus could very well get next years slot. In the past an artist had to at least have 10 years in the industry to become eligible. Not to compare Bruno with Miley of course because Bruno is super talented and it should be a crime to put them together in the same sentence. 

However, his longevity in the industry has yet to be determined, so I was quite happy that he was forced to address it. 

I feel it should have been Usher or even Justin Timberlake, although JT did it previously with N-Sync, Aerosmith and ex-girlfriend Britney Spears. Never as a solo artist though. Following his Grammy win on Sunday for best pop vocal album ('Unorthodox Jukebox'), Bruno took to the stand today at his Super Bowl XLVIII Pepsi Halftime Show Press Conference in New York City.

He came all suited up with his hair in a coif and did well tackling reporters questions about the big day, which will also feature the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bruno doesn't really say much about what's in store for this Sunday's performance, only stating the obvious: that there will be lots of 'dancing'. Not even Michelle Williams (who performed at last years Super Bowl with Beyoncé) could get Bruno to spill the beans.