Christina Aguilera attends Hollywood 'Stands Up to Cancer' event in Culver City...

Um... why are her feet so damn orange?!?! It takes me back to the embarrassing moment when she performed at Etta James funeral and the spray tan started dripping down her leg. I see she hasn't toned it down one bit so it's just as well she decided to wear pants this time. Otherwise I was going to say she looked nice. The outfit is cute, the warmer hair colour is a nice change from the platinum blonde and even the make-up looks good, which for her, is a rarity. She's wearing her weight loss really wonderfully as well.

The event was held to support the fight against lung cancer, so she performed her smash hit 'Beautiful' for a good cause.

Sick to death of seeing her perform it? Well, she did add some new runs to it towards the end. I posted a short clip of the performance below.