Ciara debuts new song 'Anytime' at official Grammy after-party in LA...

No playing games with that new album huh?
That last album really didn't happen did it? Or at least Ciara's trying to act like it didn't. What happened to the days when an album era lasted about a year or two? Anyway, her newly debuted ballad 'Anytime' serves as a personal and sweet collaboration with her fiancé Future (his vocals can even be heard in the background). The track is slated to appear on her upcoming new album which will be out later this year. From this song, it's pretty evident she's currently in a happy place in her life, and I can tell it's a good song despite its live shortcomings. Those pregnant vocals were hoarse and a bit pitchy.

However, I totally enjoyed the violins and the band. On record, it would probably sound stunning and I'm actually appreciating the mature and sensual direction she's taking with her music.