Ciara discusses upcoming new album, motherhood, Beyoncé & Janet Jackson...

Fresh off her pregnancy announcement on 'The View', Ciara visited The Huffington Post's headquarters yesterday for an interview. As far as the baby's sex is concerned, Ciara had a preference but at the end of the day, fiancé Future “got what he wanted”. That leads me to think it must be a boy, because according to TMZ, she is seven months gone, and from what I can tell, she's carrying small.

If it were a girl, she would have been big all over, but we will find out soon enough. On the music front, she started recording her upcoming new album in November and plans to release “something really soon”. Of course, an interview wouldn't be complete without a Beyoncé mention. She says she respects Beyoncé for her limitless work ethic because success comes from what you put in to achieve it. Those are words she could stand to live by when it comes to her own career. Not enough promotion went into her last album and they completely wasted 'Overdose'. It was lead single potential, very catchy and had major commercial appeal. Maybe the outcome of her album would have been different. Who knows?

I'm actually surprised she's not slightly bitter about Beyoncé using her visual concept and then taking it to a whole new level, but as she says, there's room for them both. She also praised her idol Janet Jackson, who has been and continues to be an inspiration. An official collaboration between them almost came to fruition a few years ago, but who wants to hear that? It SHOULD have happened, period. It could have been thee female collaboration of all female collaborations.