iTunes is now preparing a massive, ‘Beyoncé-esque’ exclusive…

When Beyoncé unexpectedly dropped her self-titled visual album on iTunes last December, she created a historic, record-breaking moment. No other major artist ever took that risk before which made the entire moment so bloody iconic.

One big-name artist was so in awe of the way Beyoncé released her album that they are looking to take the same approach with their own project.

During all the SXSW festivities, one source close to Apple told Digital Music News that this is a major artist we've all heard of. All other streaming services will be off limits. Consumers will have to buy this strictly off iTunes.
"Asked if this will be a video-intensive release with a surprise release date, one of the sources only pointed to a healthy mix of video and audio.  But there probably won’t be videos for each and every song.  In terms of release strategy, the artist under discussion is deciding the best way to release, with a well-orchestrated, pre-release notification to fans more likely than a flat-out surprise. This artist will be working direct-to-fan channels like Twitter, email, Facebook, SMS and several other channels ‘very aggressively,’ with ‘special giveaways and bonuses’ for the most dedicated and interested fans.  "There may be something to reward the best fans.”
This may very well include a possible live concert tie-in according to the source. At some point, a copycat, watered down version of this stunt was bound to occur. A major profit was made from such a genius PR move and it did combat piracy. So it serves as no surprise that another big name artist jumped on board. Regardless of how big the artist is, it won't have the same impact as the Beyoncé album, and to be honest with you, I'm shocked that they're deciding to do it so close to the aftermath. Who do you think it is? Place your bets.