Chris Brown feat. Ariana Grande - 'Don’t Be Gone Too Long' (preview)...

Following his trip to jail on Friday, Chris Brown is expected in court today. What lies ahead for his serial-delayed album 'X' is still up in the air. RCA Records never did confirm his announcement that the album will drop on May 5th, so we probably won't even see it.

Promo could be problematic. A judge could still order additional jail time prior to him being kicked out of rehab for violating several internal rules.

UPDATE: He will now remain in jail until April 23rd after a judge shut down his lawyer’s request for release.

Plans to release his Ariana Grande-assisted duet ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long' is still a work in progress. The duo recently filmed the music video, which was co-directed by Chris Brown and Joseph Labisi. Check out a short but sweet snippet below.