Justin Bieber arrogantly denies Usher discovering him in deposition...

Justin Bieber has downplayed the prominent role his former mentor Usher has had in shaping his career. A leaked video of his recent five-hour court testimony in Miami shows Bieber being asked about Usher, to which he replied: “Usher? Yeah, that sounds familiar”. He then went on to say: “I was found on YouTube. I was instrumental in my own career.” 

Bieber was asking questions in a court case brought against him by photographer Jeffrey Binion. The photographer claims that Bieber ordered four of his bodyguards to forcibly remove the memory card from his camera after he took photos of Bieber outside ‘The Hit Factory’ recording studios last June. Seriously though?!?! There isn't enough money in the world that would make me become Bieber's lawyer. Why anyone would want to represent an arrogant douchebag in need of a good slap is beyond me. But I guess somebody's gotta do it. Usher sure must be proud to see what he helped create.