Nicole Scherzinger unveils debut range for 'Missguided'...

Nicole Scherzinger's new clothing line for brand Missguided has hit online shores. The new 30-piece collection, which she helped design, are reportedly inspired from her own personal style, and latest catwalk trends. She describes the range as 'urban chic', and posed in sunny Los Angeles for the excessively photoshopped photoshoot. 

The collection goes on sale in mid March and is priced between a very cost efficient £15-£30. As for the clothes, can we say misguided much? I like some of the styles but the name itself could not be more convenient. You'd probably have to reduce your daily calorie intake to damn near zero in order to be able to fit into them. That's assuming you have a realistic womanly waistline and you don't risk looking like stuffed sausage wrapped in too small casing. In other words, the only one who will look good in these clothes is well, skinny Nicole basically.

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