Kelly Rowland no longer on Universal roster...

Kelly Rowland has allegedly been dropped from Universal Republic. Her name no longer appears on their roster, which should serve as no surprise. Kelly's album 'Talk A Good Game' was released last June and has failed to even touch the 200K mark since its release in the States. 

Her second single from the project, The-Dream-produced 'Dirty Laundry' received widespread publicity because she admitted feeling envy towards Beyoncé's success and she opened up about a true life domestic relationship. Despite the song being talked about much, it never quite had the same impact as Usher's 'Confessions', which is probably what they were relying on to save her flagging career. 

First single 'Kisses Down Low' was just a continuation of the sex kitten route she transferred over from the last album. Plus, the bedroom number was pretty much a rehashed version of her urban hit 'Motivation' anyway. Been there, done that. The second single was suppose to be the turning point for her album but it didn't do anything in terms of overall sales. The album was actually pretty solid (a step up from 'Here I Am'), so I don't even think the actual material was the issue. You can blame Kelly's crappy promo team until you're black and blue in the face but the reality is this, her and Michelle just don't have "it", and that's where the real problem lies.