Full concert: Lady Gaga gets puked on during ‘SXSW’ set...

Lady Gaga's headline chasing antics hit an all time low last night. During her set at ‘South By South West’ concert, she had one of her dancers drink from a paint bottle, stick her fingers down her throat, and then puke the coloured liquid all over her. Yuck.

The fake vomiting parade occurred while performing her song 'Swine', which started out as she played the drums.
The second display of fake vomiting continued later as the pair frolicked on top of a rotating mechanical-bull-like pig. If she was trying to outdo the controversial antics of say, Miley Cyrus, she certainly succeeded. Glorifying an act of sickness (bulimia, anorexia) just to arouse shock value in a performance truly is despicable, even for her. I suppose, with the underwhelming sales of her latest album 'ARTPOP', this is what it has all come down to in the end. Disgusting, desperate and pathetic.

Gaga’s full set at SXSW last night: