Beyoncé fans bawk at sky high ticket prices...

Fans will need to sell a kidney to afford nosebleeds. 

And even if you did that, it STILL wouldn't be enough. LOL! Yesterday morning, a pre-sale for Beyoncé and Jay Z's hotly anticipated 'On The Run' tour took place. When prices and seating plans were revealed, fans lashed out in anger. VIP packages reportedly range from $491 for a seat in the first 20 rows to an eye watering $1746 for front row seating. Standard tickets range from $37 to $222. But we all know those would be pointless because all you will be seeing is black dots trailing back and forth from a sad distance. 

You could always invest in some top of the range binoculars but there's no guarantee it would get you a semi decent view. I truly feel their pain. It's out of order to expect young fans to pay that type of cash just to get a good view. They are targeting the upper class with these prices and it's just not right. What are your thoughts on this though? Do you think Beyoncé is ripping off her fans? Take a look at some of the weeping (and hilarious) tweets below.