Beyoncé selects 'Pretty Hurts' as next official single...

Good choice? Protest, if you must. 

The fourth official single from Beyoncé's self-titled new album is said to be the Sia-penned 'Pretty Hurts'. The testimonial pop ballad is scheduled to impact US pop radio in May and the video was added to MTV playlist this week. It is expected to premiere in full on VEVO later this month. The album isn't exactly overflowing with radio-savvy hits so this song is as safe as it gets to anything on the project. It's also a random choice given that she's never performed it on tour. My pick would have been the Drake-assisted 'Mine', but we shall see. 

I'm kind of ticked off that after such an epic beginning, she is wasting all that hard work. This era is starting to fall flat on its ears where the album is stalling as quickly as it sold. Where are the performances? And prior to the surprise factor selling the album and the videos being out there already, what else is there to look forward to?