Ameriie teases music comeback with new snippet 'What I Want'...

The last we heard from Ameriie was two years ago when she released the Focus-produced 'Every Time' off her scrapped album 'Cymatika, Vol. 1.' It’s been almost five years since she released her last album 'In Love & War.' Now today, she unveils a 15-second snippet of a new song called 'What I Want.'

Unfortunately, if it's a comeback she's aiming for, she should consider ditching this funky go-go/Rich Harrison sound as she's clearly stuck in time. '1 Thing' may have been a hit back then, but not in this current climate. 

I will always anticipate new Ameriie music but what happened to the mix of genres she promised for the next era such as this 80s new wave, alongside elements of trance, electronic, Acid House, and heavy drums? I hope this is not the first single and we see more experimentation from her in the future.