Jazmine Sullivan debuts new single ‘Dumb’ (featuring Meek Mill)...

After a four year hiatus, Jazmine Sullivan does not disappoint with her brand new single 'Dumb' featuring Meek Mill. Over a marching beat and stuttering drums, Jaz does not take kindly to a man insulting her with lies. She conveys all of that butt hurt through some soulful raspy vocals reminiscent to 90's era Mary.

Truthfully speaking, the song is an actual grower, and not instant. In fact, I was thinking she could have come harder. But after a few listens (and with some good earphones), I think the song knocks. The chorus is somewhat catchy. 

I like the chords and choir chant in the background throughout the song as they give the song a haunting feel. I only wish someone else was on it besides Meek Mill because his verse was forgettable and very redundant. 

The Key Wane-produced cut serves as the lead single off her upcoming third studio album 'Reality Show' and she will also perform at the ESSENCE Music Festival in New Orleans on July 3rd.