Mariah Carey to perform & be honoured with the Icon Award at World Music Awards...

On the week Mariah Carey drops her new album, she will be doing some cross promotion for it, opening the World Music Awards with a performance and then being honored with the Icon Award for all of her astonishing achievements in the music industry.

The World Music Awards website cites those very achievements such as the 200 million albums she's sold in her career and being the solo recording artist with the most number one singles in America. In 2003, she was presented with their prestigious Diamond Award for selling over 100 million albums, a feat only accomplished by five legendary artists - Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, The Beatles and Bon Jovi.  The ceremony will take place in Monte Carlo, Monaco on May 27th. It was reported recently that Mariah's one-time nemesis Jennifer Lopez will perform and recieve the Billboard Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards on May 18th, so Mariah had to have HER Icon Award too huh?

This era might have hurt MC's self-pride as an artist as it seemed like she did not want to release this album without a smash record, a driving force behind the multiple pushbacks. But everyone has to pass down that torch eventually. The industry was not made for an artist to become top dog forever. I just wish she could grasp that and do her. She's a legend and has nothing else to prove.