Robin Thicke to debut new song for Paula Patton at Billboard Music Awards...

Looks like smooth operator Robin Thicke is pulling out the stops to win back his wife Paula Patton. He is set to debut a new song live at this weekend’s Billboard Music Awards. The track, which he penned for Paula, is entitled 'Get Her Back'. The high school sweethearts announced their split in February after nearly nine years of marriage and since then, he's been on a monthly crusade to win her back. Some of his romantic gestures include dedicating 'Lost Without U' to her at some of his recent shows. 

I don't know the reasoning behind his split but we've seen his embarrassing antics leading up to it. Ever since he's had a smash with 'Blurred Lines', he stopped being a respectable low-key artist and became an artist who thrived on gimmicks just to make headlines. 

I honestly believe if 'Blurred Lines' wasn't such a huge hit, his marriage would not have been hit either.

His dalliances with other women, publicly groping one, drunkenly getting close to one at a nightclub, allowing Miley Cyrus to twerk on his crotch and I can go on. It seemed he let the fame and success go to his head. Any woman would throw her hands up eventually and say enough is enough. 

I always thought they had an open relationship but everyone has their limits and hers stopped when he started to publicly embarrass her. Still, I hope they can work things out as they’ve known each other forever. After all, you don’t just throw away a relationship like that after being together for so long.