'Beyoncé' is the fifth best-selling US digital album of all time...

99 problems but a flop album aint one. A highly publicised VMAs performance on Sunday night has seen Beyoncé’s self-titled album reap all the benefits.

Not only did the record breaking project sour back into the top 10 of the US iTunes chart this week, it now passes Eminem’s 'Recovery' to become the fifth best-selling digital album of all time (1.34M digital copies).

The album becomes the third best-selling album of 2014. To date, the album has sold 2,051,000 copies in the States and 3,451,000 worldwide (according to Mediatraffic). Beyoncé becomes the second most awarded artist in VMA history only behind Madonna. Beyoncé has 19 VMAs, while Madonna has 20. She's coming for Madonna's wig!