Beyoncé’s dad says Solange/Jay Z elevator fight was staged to promote tour...

This is cause for disowning your parents! During an interview with a Houston radio show this morning, Mathew Knowles said some pretty damaging stuff. 

He reveals that the Jay Z/Solange elevator incident was probably staged as publicity for the couple's 'On The Run' tour. Do I believe it was staged? No way! Solange was definitely furious with her brother in law, right up until those lift doors opened and they entered the car. I know damn well Solange's not that good an actress. If so, she deserves an Oscar!

As for Mr Knowles, seriously?!? What parent says these things publicly about their own kids? This just sounds like the ramblings of a bitter old man still begrudging his daughter for sacking him as her manager, not to mention that both daughters snubbed his wedding last year (with good reason). He also claims a Destiny’s Child reunion/tour is imminent and that he’s still the manager of said group. Check out the full interview below. 

*starts at 6:20 of part 1 and continues over to part 2*