New Music: Mejia Sisters - 'Stray' (featuring Jereme Jay)...

Remember Girlicious? Natalie Mejia was apart of the group but now she's returned. 

This time, she's formed a new girl group with her sisters Jazzy and Taylor - the Mejia Sisters. Earlier this year, they signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and are preparing to drop their debut album next year. Lead single 'Stray' just debuted and it's a catchy R&B/urban-pop affair produced by Jereme Jay, who also features on it.
 The feisty anthem sees the girls putting their men on a leash and getting the message across that they're not to be treated as doormats. I actually really like it, but no surprise there, given that I thought Girlicious first album was actually pretty hot. 

If you're still pining after Danity Kane, they may very well fill the void. Well maybe not... but still, this is as good as it's going to get. The single was just released on iTunes today and they've already shot the music video with director Nelson Moran.