New Music: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘On The Rocks’ (second single)...

Nicole Scherzinger's new single ‘On The Rocks’ has just debuted, lifted from her new album produced solely by hitmakers The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. 

The song serves as a not so punchy pop ballad that has really basic production and not much smash qualities to it whatsoever. Although the chorus is quite good, everything else falls flat, which does not bode well for this new album of hers.

Very underwhelming song which probably won't get much airplay seeing as though she didn't attract much radio support in the first place with her first single (which wasn't very good either). In the song, she sips an alcoholic drink, while nursing a broken heart. Yeah, she may just need more than an alcoholic drink to recover from the massive flop that awaits. The title could not be more appropriate at this point. The music video is slated to premiere September 1st.