Commercial: Lady Gaga's 'Eau De Gaga' fragrance - A film by Steven Klein...

Lady Gaga unveils the Steven Klein directed film/commercial for her upcoming new fragrance ‘Eau De GaGa.’ 

It's a pretty underwhelming piece with the commercial using frames from the scent's seductive photoshoot. The boxing scenes are a bit random until you realise it's a play on the masculine vs. feminine concept (the scent appeals to both men and women).

The soundtrack used is 'I Can't Give You Anything But Love' from her upcoming 'Cheek To Cheek' jazz album with Tony Bennett. Obviously, this was chosen as a marketing strategy to promote the album. However, the song doesn't really fit with the fast-paced shots and imagery of the commercial. It looked like it was made on a restricted budget, with not much thought or effort put into it. Certainly not on the same level or standard as her 'FAME' fragrance, but check it out anyway.