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Monday, 16 January 2017

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Britney Spears previews new song ‘Private Show’

Britney Spears has previewed the first song off her upcoming new album during some behind the scenes footage of her new fragrance 'Private Show.' The song shares the exact same name as the scent. 'Private Show' is a very mature sound for Britney and definitely points to a more R&B direction.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Aaliyah’s family launch tribute fragrance...

Aaliyah's mother Diane Haughton and her brother Rashad have teamed up with perfume company Xyrena to launch her first ever official scent, titled 'Aaliyah by Xyrena.' 
The unisex fragrance contains base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and jasmine; middle notes of black pepper, violet and leather; with top notes of mint, lavender, and mandarin. It comes 14 years after her tragic passing. 

This was a thoughtful tribute but she had no input in the fragrance so it doesn't truly embody her real personal taste in my opinion. I'm not knocking it, but that's just how I feel.  They practically just tagged her name onto a bottle and called it a day. I would have preferred a new album to be honest, but at least fans have something I guess. Here's the commercial for it below.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rihanna talks new album + 10 years in music industry at ‘RiRi’ fragrance launch...

Two days has passed since Rihanna reached the 10 year mark of her debut album 'Music Of The Sun.' Rihanna says it means a lot to her that she made it to 10 years in the music industry. 
Had it not have been for 'S.O.S' and that Nike deal, Rihanna could very well have been a struggling singer going from label to label while making herself an open book on one of those 'Love & Hip Hop' reality franchises (sorry Teairra Mari).  Rihanna got lucky, and she's definitely going to commemorate it this year with a celebration. Her new album is going really great, and she's recorded a lot of songs for it. She can’t wait for its completion and the next step is for her to put it out. The gorgeous singer made her comments during an interview at Macy’s in downtown Brooklyn at the launch of her new fragrance called 'RiRi.' It's been three years since Rihanna released an album making it her longest period ever since putting one out.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Rihanna unwraps stunning new ad for latest fragrance ‘RiRi by Rihanna’...

Wow. Rihanna is serving old Hollywood glam here, and just off this pic alone, she should consider striking up a deal with Mattel to launch her own line of Barbie dolls. She has signed a multitude of contracts recently, so why the hell not?
Clearly, her album R8 is no longer a priority, so she may as well generate further profit in as many avenues as possible. Despite the lacefront looking too wiggy, her face is gorgeous. While her contemporaies fight on Twitter over VMA nominations, Rihanna chooses that day to extend her brand and make bank. Bitches better have her money!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Britney debuts new ‘Rocker Femme Fantasy’ perfume commercial...

Hopes fragrance will unlock your inner rock & roll...
While we await for her new single 'Pretty Girls' to unleash itself, Britney Spears debuts a brand new commercial for latest perfume, 'Rocker Femme Fantasy.'

The commercial was recently shot backstage at her Vegas show during her opening piece. 

Who needs a big budget commercial these days when you own a billion dollar perfume empire?

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Beyoncé's 'RISE' is currently the best selling celebrity fragrance in the UK...

It's getting to that point where Forbes lists are becoming unbelievable if Beyoncé isn't dominating them. 

According to new reports, her 'Rise' perfume is expected to sell over 750,000 units in the UK, which will net her £1.5 million. This puts her in the position as having the biggest selling celebrity fragrance of 2014 in the UK.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Commercial: Lady Gaga's 'Eau De Gaga' fragrance - A film by Steven Klein...

Lady Gaga unveils the Steven Klein directed film/commercial for her upcoming new fragrance ‘Eau De GaGa.’ 

It's a pretty underwhelming piece with the commercial using frames from the scent's seductive photoshoot. The boxing scenes are a bit random until you realise it's a play on the masculine vs. feminine concept (the scent appeals to both men and women).

Monday, 11 August 2014

Snapshot: Lady Gaga's second new promo for ‘Eau De Gaga’...

This is actually a Madonna fan's wet dream. Ammunition is the word. The second promo pic for Lady Gaga's new fragrance ‘Eau De Gaga’ uses some MDNA-esque staggering effects, so you just know they came for her wig. 

In the pic, she's been given a boob job and her face has been photoshopped to hell but she looks good overall. Much better than those horrible Versace ads which were also fronted by Steven Klein. The fragrance, which serves as her first unisex scent, is produced “for the adventurous woman and the man who loves her,” and is slated to drop in stores this coming September.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Snapshot: Lady Gaga announces second fragrance ‘Eau de Gaga’...

Lady Gaga has announced the release of her second unisex fragrance, Eau de Gaga. Gaga says that it is inspired by the adventurous woman and the man who loves her. She describes the scent as alluring, sexy and arousing for all genders and deems it "ready for sex."

Friday, 1 August 2014

Snapshots: Rihanna announces first male fragrance: 'Rogue Man'...

The impeccable brand powerhouse that is Rihanna has just announced her first fragrance for men, titled 'Rogue Man', due September. Rihanna released her fourth fragrance Rogue last year September, and I'm loving the concept of a matching his 'n' hers scent. As for the ads, they just drip with unapologetic, red hot sex!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Snapshot: Britney Spears on set of new perfume commercial...

Prolific perfumer Britney Spears is seen on the set of her new commercial/ad campaign for the re-packaging of her 2005 successor 'Fantasy.' The special limited edition bottle is called 'Fantasy Stage Edition' which has the same scent, and draws "inspiration" from some of her "favourite performances."
The new bottle has a yellow snakeskin print design that references her 'Slave 4 U' performance and some butterfly designs which could be an ode to the monarch butterfly used during her 'Femme Fatale' tour. The bejeweled opening is reminiscent to some of the sparkly outfits she's rocked on stage and in music videos. In the pic, she looks a little... zoned out, but waaay better than how she looked last week. It's just a shame her perfume gets more promotion than the actual music.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Snapshots: Alicia Keys for Dahlia Divin by Givenchy...

Givenchy unwraps this radiant new campaign for its Dahlia Divin fragrance starring Alicia Keys. The ad campaign, which will debut officially in September, features Alicia glowing in a golden lamé evening gown by Givenchy.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Britney Spears promotes new fragrance for Valentines Day...

So, it's not a wig after all. And I like it. She looks more youthful. But come next week, Britney Spears will probably risk further damage to her hair by dyeing it back blonde again. These brunette re-visitations are always short-lived. Anyway, she showed off her darker do’ in a new twitpic while promoting her new fragrance. It included the following plug: "Spice up Valentine’s Day by getting ‘Naughty & Nice’ (pun intended)". Well, that's one way to promote your scent in a cost effective, simple way!