Madonna teases Alicia Keys duet...

Random collaborations is what makes a project more intriguing! Madonna has strongly hinted that she has collaborated with Alicia Keys on her new album (Madonna's new album, that is). 

The pop icon posted a picture on Instagram, claiming that Alicia had been "killing it" on her upcoming record. Well, no one ever saw that one coming did they?

She made the post in support of Alicia's #WeAreHere project, titled after her new single 'We Are Here', which calls for a more peaceful world for children. At present, there is no set release date for Madonna's thirteenth studio album, or Alicia's for that matter. 

Producer Diplo (who is working at large on BOTH of their albums) also posted a similar photo of himself supporting Alicia's campaign, while uploading a picture of himself working with Alicia in the recording studio.
A little randomness  certainly arouses more curiousity, and sometimes anticipation. In a past world, neither of them would have crossed paths musically. Their artistic vision is so unparalleled, you just never know what they will end up serving. It could either be disastrous or epic, and I can't wait to find out.