Christina Milian & Lil Wayne remix Beyoncé's 'Drunk In Love'...

I don't know what I just listened to. All I know is that it was over 4 minutes of my life I won't be able to get back. Christina Milian jumped at the chance to remix Beyoncé's latest hit single 'Drunk In Love.' The track appears on Lil’ Wayne's 'Sorry 4 The Wait 2' mixtape which he dropped last night. So Christina and her rumoured squeeze go back and forth delivering a dirtier, sordid rendition of the track while addressing whispers surrounding their relationship. And that brings me onto another thing.

I watched the premiere episode of her E! reality show a few days ago and it was like watching a bootlegged version of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.' You have three sisters that are close in age. Clearly, Christina is Kim as she is seen as the breadwinner of the family. Her mom abandoned her other daughters to be a full time manager to Christina and travel on the road with her. Then you have Danielle, who is clearly Kourtney with the dysfunctional relationship. She is married with two kids and her and her husband are always at loggerheads. Danielle is always crying and whining about her fella not acting like the committed husband. Then you have Elizabeth who acts as Khloe, the single sister with no kids and who always gets caught up in the middle of her family's dramas. 

Christina tells cameras that she wants to keep her relationship private but yet Wayne's car is all up in the show. She's always on her phone to him, telling him she loves him and vice versa. Ugh. She wants to keep it private but yet throws out heavy hints confirming their relationship just to gain some momentum for a show that will more than likely not get a second season. The music that Christina previewed on the show was absolutely garbage. Well, at least that first song with Wayne anyway. Lyrically, it was juvenile and childish and I just don't think a mom in her 30s should be all about going through this "turn up" phase. 

Her mom who she plays the music to, is giving her the same stank look that my mom would give my 16-year-old sister for acting out of line sometimes... like when she walked into the house with a nose and eyebrow piercing. Though 'Rebel' sounds cool, it's not going to smash charts if she still intends to drop it as the first single as initially implied in a recent interview. I don't think she has it anymore and her time has passed. Not that she had IT to begin with but she was at least working with something back in the day and she had cute songs.

Christina and Weezy's take on 'Drunk In Love':