Youtube sensation Esmée Denters auditions for BBC's The Voice...

Nowadays, the struggle lies in holding on to your record deal. Just because you get signed doesn't mean you've made it. Former Youtube phenomenon Esmée Denters previously had a record deal with Justin Timberlake but her career never really took off the way he wanted it to. She didn't become the next Beyoncé and so, he harshly dropped her from his label. She had so much potential and now she's working in a shop selling frozen yoghurt to make ends meet.

Esmée sang Coldplay's 'Yellow' in a bid to get judges to turnaround and they did. All four of them! She chose It's sad she's had to go back to auditioning on a second rate singing competition. She could sing and 'Outta Here' was such a bop. Some artists who had record labels perform at strip clubs, others beg fans to fund their album and others audition on a reality show. Again, another example in regards to the harsh realities of the music industry. You get chewed up, and spat out.