Chris Brown & Trey Songz bring out R. Kelly & Keith Sweat in Atlanta...

R&B legends R. Kelly and Keith Sweat performed on stage with Chris Brown and Trey Songz during their 'Between The Sheets' tour stop in Atlanta last night.
No doubt a treat for the oldschool R&B heads but how many people at this concert grew up listening to Keith Sweat? Not many, I bet. The Golden age in R&B was the 90s when that genre dominated and the music was superior. It was at a time when R. Kelly was well respected. Out of all his peers (Montell Jordan, Joe, Keith Sweat, Donell Jones), he was king. Although his music was on the x-rated side, it was addictive. It was actually cool to like him before all the other stuff went down. Now I can't gel with his music anymore because whenever I hear his sex songs, I just think about how he had underaged girls on the brain when he wrote them. Even with Aaliyah's debut, which I absolutely loved, I just can't help but feel like my listening experience has been ruined. It's a shame because his musical genious was unmatched in my opinion. When you listen to that standard of R&B, and then you look at the new generation of male R&B - like Trey and Chris, it makes me sad in a way. Because their brand of R&B just isn't good at all.