Solange defends Beyoncé over skin bleaching rumours...

Solange makes note that when incorrect lighting is applied, no one ever accuses her of skin bleaching, a consistent accusation that her sister Beyoncé is often hit with.
She actually has a point and there may be two reasonings for that. Solange fully embraces the afrocentric image of a natural black woman (whereas some would argue Bey embraces a more European look for commercial gain).

In her bid to defend her sister, she wrote:
Okay, and the second reason being (and this is my bitchier side coming out), you're NOT the superstar sibling so it's more than likely that nobody even cares! Do I think Bey bleaches her skin? Absolutely not. Do I think she turns a blind eye to these L'Oreal commercials airbrushing her looks and skin tone to appeal more to a certain group of people? Yes, I do.